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Kos things to do: 10 relaxing activities on Kos

Mariëlla has been living on Kos for 5 years before opening her yoga retreat centre on Kos. So she had plenty of time to discover the most relaxing activities on Kos. In this posts she shares her favourite things to do on Kos. Including some hidden gems.

1. ‘Beach hopping’ on your bike

Beach hopping - things to do on Kos

Rent a bike and let the coastline guide you to the many beautiful beaches. Found a beach you like? Just lock your bike and enjoy. Breathe in the clean air. And if you feel like a change of scenery. Hop on your bike for the next beach.  Just make sure to bring a bottle of water. You’ll find food on the many stalls and tavernes along the way. Biking around the island is one of my favourite things to do on Kos. I could literally spend weeks like this.

2. Healing early mornings on the Asklepion


Experience the healing powers of this magic place. The Asklepion is an ancient medical center-based. It was based on the teachings of Hippocrates (born on Kos in 460 years BC). Hippocrates’ teachings are saying the body and soul of the patient must be viewed as one.

Try to be here early in the morning (before 10.00 a.m. when the tourist buses arrive).

3. Stroll through Kos town

Kos town - activities

Take time to slowly stroll through Kos town. Shop for souvenirs downtown (check out the shop ‘Nisi‘ if your looking for something special). Stop for food or drinks. One of my favorite Greek restaurants in town is Select: delicious food, very friendly people and a romantic vibe. After your belly is satisfied: take some time to check the beautiful historical spots.

4. Golden hour at the beach (bring your camera)

Photography at golden hour - activities Kos.png

We are talking about the super pretty sunsets of Kos. And as it happens, just before the sun goes down, is the perfect time for a photoshoot. So bring that camera, take some good shots and watch the sun go down till it’s soaked up by the sea.

5. Homemade fresh wine and delicious meze

Wine and meze

It’s hard to point out the best place to eat on Kos. But just let me tell you that Taverna Ampeli is the top favorite lunch spot on Kos of many of our retreat guests. Whether it is the delicious local fresh wine, the abundance of choice in meze (Greek tapas), or the beautiful spot in the wine yard? Probably the mixture of this all. Oh, and the bill?! So, so reasonable.

6. Floating at the natural spa

Floating in natural Spring - top things to do Kos

Kos is blessed with a natural hot spring. It’s Mariëlla’s personal favorite spot on Kos and therefore she has included in all Yoga on Kos retreats. Warning: Make sure you don’t wear silver. Silver will turn into black because of the sulfur in the water.

7. Massage

Massage Kos

There are many places on Kos where you can find a relaxing massage. But Kos holds a hidden secret and his name is Sakis. This guy gives ‘out of this world’ massages. Just don’t expect them to be relaxing. Sakis mastered many massage techniques and combines them into a unique experience. It’s healing, quite strong, very precious and rhythmic at the same time.

8. Hiking in nature

Hiking in Nature

Kos is surrounded by the sea. But it has mountains as well! So why not spent an afternoon in nature hiking? Hiking slows you down. Gives you time to stop and relax. To watch nature. Find out about the many wild herbs in the Greek nature.

Did you know Yoga on Kos offers Yoga & Hiking holidays?

9. Open-air cinema (evening activity)

Open air cinema on Kos

Watch the newest movie underneath the stars. In the evening, after dark, you can watch the movies in an open-air cinema. Also, an excellent way to escape the tourism. This cinema is very popular amongst the locals on Kos. Pro tip: Bring some (eco) mosquito repellant. Check out the location and movies on this website.

10. Discover the underwater world of kos: snorkeling and scuba diving

Snorkeling - Things to do on Kos

To be honest. Kos isn’t the most spectacular spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. Still, it’s very much worth to your head underneath that water. It’s immediately nice and quiet. And peacefulness. So peaceful. You feel one with the creatures of the sea. Isn’t that a perfect addition to your yoga retreat?

About Yoga on Kos

We offer Yoga retreats and Yoga & hiking holidays on the beautiful island of Kos in Greece. Mariëlla is the owner of Yoga on Kos. And she provides her guest tips about activities and things to do on Kos. Read more about our retreats.

Photo credits by: @TamaravanWell en Unsplash