Camilla Valsecchi

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for the past years, sharing my love and passion for yoga for the last decade. I had the privilege of teaching different styles in different countries of the world.
In my teachings I meld the diverse background and integrate in a creative way all the disciplines learnt over the last years. I love guiding people through this transformational healing journey, encouraging them to develop breath and body awareness, a sense of playfulness and curiosity, offering tools to embrace a deeper awareness and sense of freedom, on and off the mat.

Gera Fokkens

I discovered the benefits of yoga when I was 18 years old and had 5 jobs in addition to my studies. That was the beginning of my yoga journey.
Almost 20 years later I thought it was time to pass this on to other people. I have completed various Pilates and yoga courses such as Perfect Pilates I and II, Hatha Yoga, Yin yoga, power yoga, pregnancy yoga, yoga for women in transition years, Ayurveda and more.
When you give yourself a week of complete relaxation, and new life force is supplied to every cell of your body. You will experience this after the first lesson. All your senses get a boost, not only from the yoga session, but also the environment, the power of the sun, the people around you.

Vicki Fisher

Yoga truly inspires me and has a large impact on my life in the most beautiful way. I am so grateful to be able to guide other people, to see them relax in their bodies and realise just how medicinal movement can be.
The miracle of practicing yoga is that as we change our bodies from the inside out, we simultaneously learn how to change our lives. My classes will take you to new depths of awareness and consciousness about who you are.
Once you become dedicated to your yoga practice, your life will change.

Aiki Terstegen

I first came into contact with yoga at the ballet academy, when I was 11 years old. They offered a supportive yoga class and I remember being amazed at how good this different way of working with your body felt. It was about appreciating what your body can do and going from there and it felt liberating!
Little did I know that a few years later, after I had to quit the ballet academy, yoga became my new passion and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make it my job.
I did my teacher training in 2015 in Amsterdam, where I now live and teach, and I am still so happy every day that it is my job to share yoga with other people, because I still enjoy it so much.